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Why I Dance

Inspired by a post by April Rose.

I dance…

…to connect to my body.

…to release tension.

…to communicate with others.

…to meet new people.

…to express myself in ways that my words cannot.

…to lose myself.

…to find myself.

…to connect with Her.

…to be vulnerable.

…to grieve.

…to open my heart.

…to fall in love.

…to make love.

…to find bliss.

…to feel joy.

…to release anger.

…to feel strong.

…to confront my limitations.

…to learn how to problem-solve.

…to make a statement.

…to be honest with myself and others.

…to connect with my ancestors.

…to find my true self.

…to feel free.

I dance to die.

I dance to live.

Why do you dance? Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Why I Dance

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